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Safaricom gains as Airtel, Telkom Kenya loses market share

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Mobile operator, Safaricom Ltd has emerged the biggest gainer in the country’s mobile phone market, thumping Airtel and Telkom Kenya, to claim a larger share of both pre-paid and post-paid services as well as the highest number of mobile subscriptions.

The third quarter sector statistics report for the financial year 2016/2017 by Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) for the period running January to March 2017, shows that Safaricom registered a growth of 0.7 per centage points in market share to stand at 71.9 per cent from last quarter’s 71.2 per cent.

Airtel Networks Limited market share declined by 1.3 per centage points to register at 16.3 per cent from 17.6 per cent posted during the preceding quarter, while telco firm, Telkom Kenya market share dipped by 0.2 per centage points to register at 7.2 per cent from 7.4 per cent in the previous quarter.

Finserve Africa, which operates Equity bank’s Equitel, however registered a growth of 4.4 per cent market share up from last quarter’s 3.8 per cent marking a growth of 0.6 per centage points. Mobile Pay Limited recorded a market share of 0.2 per cent while Sema Mobile services registered a total of 295 subscriptions which translated to 0.0 per cent of the market share.

The total number of mobile subscriptions rose by 0.4 per cent to stand at 39.1 million from 38.9 million subscriptions recorded in the previous quarter.

The total number of subscriptions recorded by Safaricom Limited was 28.1 million representing a growth of 1.4 per cent against 27.7 million recorded in the previous quarter.

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Airtel Kenya recorded a decline of 6.7 per cent in the number of mobile subscriptions to post 6.3 million from 6.8 million subscriptions recorded in the previous quarter, which was attributed to the review of a tariff carried out by the service provider which led to reduction in new acquisitions and increased subscriber in activity.

Finserve Africa posted 1.7 million subscriptions up from 1.4 million recorded during the preceding quarter, translating to a growth of 15.4 per cent while Telkom Kenya posted a decline of 3.2 per cent to stand at 2.80 million down from last quarter’s 2.89 million subscriptions.

Mobile Pay Limited reported a total of 86,724 subscriptions during the quarter under review while Sema Mobile Services recorded a total of 295 subscriptions up from 270 subscriptions posted during the previous quarter.

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