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Jubilee Insurance launches painting competition

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Jubilee Insurance Tuesday announced the launch of its Live Free Painting Competition that will take place in 41 counties across Kenya, targeting government sponsored schools.

Jubilee Holdings Chairman Nizar Juma said that this initiative is part of the activities lined up to celebrate Jubilee Insurance’ 80th year since its incorporation and will be an avenue to let the children express their understanding of freedom through artwork.

“The winners of the competition will be given an education sponsorship and the schools of the winners will also get sponsorship to renovate their schools,” Mr. Juma said in a statement.

The painting completion will be open to primary school children from ages 6 to 14 years and will be divided into three categories. The first category of age group 6 to eight years old will cover class one to three; Ages nine to ten years will cover children in class four to five, while those of twelve and fourteen years will cover those in class six to eight.

“The theme of this painting competition will allow children to express their hopes and aspirations within a wide and exciting subject of ‘living free’! Art is a wonderful medium for expression of a young and developing mind,” he said.

The top 25 winners will receive full secondary school tuition scholarships from Jubilee Holdings while also getting to support their schools renovations. There will also be cash prizes for County winners.

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As part of its anniversary celebrations, Jubilee Holdings has rolled out a series of events including starting a professional Jubilee Insurance training academy, which will be used to provide state-of-the-art platform for learning.

Jubilee Holdings will also commence sponsoring several medical camps in the region. The aim of these medical camps will be to help restore sight or hearing loss and to assist those who have lost a limb through provision of artificial limbs. Jubilee Insurance will channel this support specifically to those who are also financially challenged.

“We will partner with local medical practitioners and surgeons together with regional medical associations and medical service providers to provide their medical expertise in these camps,” said Juma.

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