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Here is how Madison insurance CEO makes extra lucre on his slash career

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By Correspondent

He worked his way up the ladder and was hired chief executive of Madison Insurance Company in 2015.

He, however, attributes his achievements to four factors, namely; God, family, honest dealings and compassionate staff.

Joshua Njiru, a soft spoken bloke, over 6-inches tall, does not consider himself a ‘bright student,’ despite his many achievements and admits of having never imagined of heading an insurance company in such aptitude.

In an interview at his corner office on Upper Hill, Njiru reveals to this writer how he runs a busy and tight schedule runs. 24 hours is hardly enough to balance the demands of the board and his staff, have meetings with managers, while at the same time keeping an eye of his family and strategic future of the firm.

“My typical day starts at 4:50am and ends at around 9pm,” says the 43 year –old father of four who has an extensive practice in venture capital.

He was for a long time involved in four different undertakings before Madison Insurance Company came calling almost 8 years ago. He has spent two years of those in the insurance business and a six year-spell at Madison Asset management, a sister company.

After graduating from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor’s degree in Land economics (property management and valuation), he spent a few years working for several companies, big and small, and got opportunities to lead some key projects that helped organizations drive improvement and efficiencies.

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“I started as property manager and valuer, worked as an accountant, left accounting and went to consultancy with Deloitte in corporate finance, left and joined a sister company to Standard chartered bank, First Africa as a consultant corporate finance, left and joined Old Mutual in investment management, and later to Madison in the investment department before joining the insurance business,” says the 43-year old father of four.

“I come from a family of ten and my father was a primary school teacher, who supported us all through our education. He instilled seeds of hard work and aggression,” in what he says has guided him throughout his adult life.

Besides his day job at Madison insurance company, Njiru is an active stocks market and bonds tradingfollower.

He makes decent dough just by discerning best performing firms at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) before securing shares into those firms, which he later flog at higher returns.

“I invest my money wisely, I don’t run a matatu business or involved in farming, that’s stressful. My work is really simple, I monitor the company, study the market before buying stocks.

I have made money buying shares from many companies, I have equally lost but made good returns in most cases. The secret is patience and getting in when it’s low, and get out when it’s high,” he advices.


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