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Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you. DO YOUR INTERESTS include curses, vampires, visitations by aliens, haunted houses, extra sensory perception, astrology, mind control, spirit healing, zombies, prophecy, contacting the dead, or maybe mind reading, but you struggle to find a date on Tinder or dating websites? The founder of the site, The Amazing Kreskin 80a mentalist, explained to Cosompolitian.

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And you thought that Farmers Only was a super specific dating site? It ain't got nothin' on ParanormalDate. Michelle Heart can pick on me all she wants for believe that a UFO really did crash in Roswell and that Area 51 holds some serious secrets about life existing beyond this planet, but I'm clearly not the only one that believes that! If you grew up with your grandpa listening to AM radio, you may have heard a show called Coast to Coast come on late at night after gramps fell asleep.

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Dating sites and apps often make users take personality questionnaires about their interests. But what if your pastimes include discussing paranormal activity? Enter The Amazing Kreskin's Supernatural Dating Societywhich helps paranormal enthusiasts find similar-minded companions. The site's year-old founder, the Amazing Kreskin himself, spoke to Cosmopolitan about the sitewhich he says provides users with "a way to express themselves, and not feel embarrassed or humiliated or like they're a kook.

Kreskin explained that after his mentalist shows, people would often tell him they wanted to find others to accompany them in exploring allegedly haunted sites, and his website will allow users with similar paranormal interests, whether that means mind control or UFOs, to connect.

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In the Cosmopolitan interview, he also offered up some sage dating advice, suggesting that people "put the damn cell phone away" and have actual conversations with one another. Unfortunately, Kreskin himself plans to stay single: He told Cosmopolitan that he only takes four days off each month, so he doesn't have much time for a relationship.

Meghan DeMaria. Back in February, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the Biden administration considered the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will transport natural gas from Russia to Germany, "a bad deal" that "exposes Ukraine and Central Europe" to Moscow and "goes against Europe's own stated energy and security goals. But on Tuesday, Axios reported the Biden administration is set to waive sanctions on the company overseeing its construction, as well its CEO, Matthias Warnig, who is considered a "crony" of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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That doesn't mean President Biden now supports Nord Stream 2 — on the contrary, the White House reportedly still hopes it doesn't go into use — but it does suggest his administration feels sanctions are ultimately a bigger risk than safeguard. Per Axiossources close to the situation said that Biden officials have determined sanctioning the German-end users of the gas is the only way to stop construction, 95 percent of which is already complete, at this point. The administration simply doesn't want to jeopardize its relationship with Berlin over the pipeline.

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The waivers reportedly could be lifted, and sanctions reinstated, at any moment, so administration sources told Axios the looming threat should still give Washington leverage in the situation. at Axios. Tim O'Donnell.

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Even though a bipartisan deal was struck in the lower chamber last week, McCarthy slammed the result Tuesday morning, and it was widely assumed the proposal was dead on arrival in the Senate anyway after it presumably passes the Democratic-majority House. But McConnell surprised some analysts Tuesday when he said Senate Republicans were "undecided" about the bill and are "willing to listen" to arguments in favor of it. The senator certainly seems to have his concerns — namely that the commission may be unbalanced in favor of Democrats — but he didn't reiterate his suggestion that it needs to expand its scope beyond the riot which is McCarthy's main gripe.

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Regardless, Brian Rosenwald, a contributer at TheWeek. If all seven senators who voted to convict former President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial back the bill, the Senate would need just three more defectors, and Sen. Mike Rounds R-S. This makes me think Schumer can get to 60 votes. Charles Grodin, the star of stage and screen known for his roles in films like Midnight Run and The Heartbreak Kidhas died at Grodin found plenty of work as a supporting player and the occasional lead," the Times writes.

Grodin also authored numerous plays and books and hosted a site show, and he was known for his appearances on Johnny Carson's and David Letterman's late night shows, the Times notes. Comedian Marc Maron remembered Grodin as "one of the great cranky comedic geniuses," and Comedy Central paid tribute by writing, "Charles Grodin was a legendary actor and his impact on comedy alien film and television was massive.

He'll be missed.

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at ESPN. Brigid Kennedy. In the interviewpublished by TPM on Tuesday, Watkins used shockingly offensive language in an attempt to defend Chansley's alleged actions, saying Chansley has Asperger's syndrome, and asserting that other participants in the riot have intellectual disabilities that were to blame.

He also claimed they were subjected to what he described as the most powerful propaganda campaign since Adolf Hitler's.

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Read the full, graphic passage from the TPM story below. Here's what he had to say As far as they'll have you know, some of President Biden's closest advisers don't exist — and he'd probably prefer to keep it that way.

In an article published by The New York Times on Tuesday, White House aides revealed the president "does not like profiles of his staff in the news," in some ways "undoing a longstanding Washington tradition in which staff members enjoy their own refracted fame.

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The "aversion to attention-loving staff" is reportedly not because Mr. Biden prefers to hoard the spotlight; in fact, he actually enjoys when cabinet secretaries defend his policies on television, the Times writes. But the waters are muddied when advisers become celebrities themselves.

Said Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to the president: "That is a very deliberate decision.

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Biden's comparatively-invisible gang of aides and staff are seemingly "trying to set themselves apart from the drama of the Trump administration," especially as they push "once-in-a-generation" health and economic policies, the Times reports. Simply put, there isn't enough time for celebrity — they'd rather make good on Biden's campaign promise to be a normal, boring president.


Instead, the "least personality-driven West Wing in decades" is full of career government staffers who have already "proven themselves. at The New York Times. When Barrymore sat down on her daytime talk show with Dylan Farrow, Allen's adoptive daughter who has accused him of sexual abuse, she said she wanted to "explain myself" and expressed regret that she starred in the director's film Everyone Says I Love You.

Farrow recently discussed her allegations that Allen molested her in when she was seven in the four-part HBO documentary series Allen v. Allen has denied the allegations. Barrymore on her show thanked Farrow for coming forward with her story, telling her, "I see what's happening in the industry now, and that is because of you making that brave choice," while Farrow became emotional as she thanked Barrymore for her "generous" comments. Brendan Morrow.

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Meet the dating site for people who believe in UFOs March 27, McConnell expresses 'surprising' openness to Jan. Biden reportedly likes a 'low-key' White House a. But this is surprising, given what we had been hearing from the rank and file. Tim O'Donnell This makes me think Schumer can get to 60 votes. O Captain! My Captain! Add Drew Barrymore's name to the long list of stars who regret working with Woody Allen.

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