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Casual encounters and flings are something a lot of us want, but can have a hard time finding. Luckily we have the internet, which has become a great way to meet singles who are interested in meeting tonight. By using the most popular adult hookup sites you can view people near you who have similar interests and also want to meet up with no strings attached.

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August 8 is International Female Orgasm Day, and we're celebrating with an entire week dedicated to exploring the business and pleasure of porn. Let's be real so much of the internet is porn - past estimates suggest some 30 percent of the internet's bandwidth is devoted to porn. Shocker, I know, people love porn.

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Adult hosting or mature content hosting — porn inclusive is what many traditional web hosting companies today shy away from, like. The irony however is that, we ALL love and consume adult content firearms, gambling and of course, sex. This is true whether the fact is admitted or hidden deep into the recesses of our skulls. According to the Huff Post, for instance, porn alone gets adult internet traffic than Amazon, Netflix and Twitter combined!

It is with this realization that the team set forth today to share with you the best hosting for mature content of If you are in a hurry however, here is a smart summary of the very best adult website hosting of Please, note that the links above will take you straight to the website of the adult friendly hosting provider in question so that you can take a look yourself, firsthand.

Adult hosting refers to the hosting of a site that has mature content on it. This could be pornography, a best dedicated to sex and all things sex related, a fetish community, a site dealing with tobacco, firearms or in general, any content that is not deemed right for an audience less than 18 or 21 years depending on jurisdiction.


Such website hosting, usually, is not offered by the more conventional hosting companies like A2 Hosting and SiteGround. For some of the more daring conventional hosting companies that venture into this unique type of hosting, the rules are plenty and actually observing them is mandatory.

It is for this reason that special hosting companies that cater specifically for mature content sprang up and today, exist. By the very nature of mature content, it is heavy — and often, requires a ton of bandwidth, especially pornography and its related sites. By virtue of this alone, such sites are resource intensive and seriously tax the servers of hosting companies focusing on conventional hosting, especially with budget plans such as shared hosting plans.

This is especially true for users who intend to or actually their own content directly.

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Unfortunately, the practice of sharing IP addresses amongst sites hosted on a server is best standard today, especially on lower end plans. Essentially thus, mature content hosting is pretty different from traditional website because it does 3 things differently:. The websites listed below all fall under the category of those in need of adult friendly hosting. Please, kindly note that, the hosting companies mentioned adult have made the list not just by virtue of the best prices they command or the options that are available when you decide to go with them; but also by the reputation these hosting companies have and the quality of service that they offer — year in, year out.

The best services in the world are rendered by professionals who focus on a single business model and have considerably niched down things to serve a particular audience base. This type of setup ensures such a service provider perfectly understand what the demands of serving such a niche are and importantly, the challenges that come with such service. This is where Vice Temple Hosting excels in the business of adult hosting; this is why it is the very best hosting for your mature content money can buy today. Setup in an offshore location, Vice Temple caters exclusively for websites, blogs, forums or anything online dealing exclusively with content that is tagged suitable for websites.

This naturally means that, the company offers a dedicated IP address for every from its shared hosting plans right up to dedicated offers. The most interesting thing however is that, besides offering a dedicated IP for every and being exclusively of service only to the adult community, Vice Temple makes certain that even the very least of its service plans comes with the ability to handle unlimited traffic and the capacity to host files and videos to a adult tune.

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Adult website hosting is something many hosting companies shy away from today. Vice Temple, on the other hand, does the exact opposite: it handles websites dealing with mature or adult content exclusively. However, it is the manner, prestige, dignity and professionalism this company exudes that makes it the go to choice for mature content hosting any day or time.

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This is exemplified by, for instance, ignoring all copyright claims you might receive. While this might not be necessary, we all know that there are folks out there who make a living as copyright trolls and a slight mistake on your part ultimately means a payday for them! Sadly, this is very common in the world of adult content today.

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To wrap up, it is important to re-mention the fact that Vice Temple takes the well-being of your site seriously and even offers both a 45 day money back guarantee and a full refund not prorated in the event that best time ever falls below their set standard: Check out Vice Temple Hosting directly to see what we mean.

The best hosting companies today are not exactly new; they have been in the business of website adult for many, many years with some options spanning well over 2 decades. These hosting companies, generally, also host a plethora of websites, across board, platforms and CMSs. This vast experience sees to it that nothing is new to these companies and importantly, challenges emanating from hosting are handled brilliantly. After all, great chances are that such challenge s will not be completely novel — having been faced by customers before you and hitherto handled brilliantly.

The sad bit it that, most of these old trusty hosting companies relying on decades of experience such webmasters trust do not host ANY adult content or are generally very conservative about it. This is where it gets tricky and leaves many webmasters or would be webmasters of adult content disappointed or sweating. Fortunately, this is also the spot where TMD Hosting comes to the rescue.

The major attraction of TMD Hosting bothers on practicality:. This simple reality has made hosting customers supremely comfortable with the company — especially the bit that it reminds them of the likes of A2 hosting and SiteGround. The best part is yet to be spilled though: the website has an awesome 2 months, risk-free trial period, a window within which, if you choose to cancel, you get a full refund.

Is this not enough reason to try TMD Hosting for your next adult project, especially since it will be completely risk free for you? In a crazy world of complexity and then, more complexity, anything that offers a complex free reality is welcomed with a breath of fresh air. After all, no one appreciates making their lives complex or living a perpetually complex reality.

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Unfortunately, this is not the case, most of the time. Sadly too, this complexity has extended to the world of hosting and webmasters simply have to deal with it — or hunt for an alternative that is a bit straightforward, easy to manage and straight to the point.

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From a super simple website background right up to options that are tailored for ease and convenience to the speed assurance and importantly, the uptime guarantee, HostWinds is clear about one thing: it is desirous of making life super easy for those who are smart enough to allow it. To tackle everything like a pro and enjoy that charge taking, one hosting company got you covered: HostWinds Hosting. That we live in a crazy world of complexities is no longer news.

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However, what is still largely misunderstood is what a breath of fresh air can ensure, in all these complexities. This is where HostWinds shines — and ultimately, finds its way into this list. After all, not all webmasters are geeks. Further still, not all adult webmasters would appreciate the stress traditional hosting puts its users into just to come online.

This is what HostWinds hosting seeks to eliminate and ultimately, this is the unique angle it offers webmasters today, especially, those who are interested in the adult niche. If you value simplicity or would rather not be bothered with the complexities of hosting and sincerely appreciate awesome customer service, HostWinds Hosting is just a click away.

When many webmasters think of hosting today, what actually comes to their mind is HostGator Hosting. Online since October 22,HostGator has been hosting sites for quite a long time to know what they are website. However, the fact of being one of the oldest hosting companies in the world today lends no credence whatsoever, if not matched with actual service that winds up serving the best customer; you. This is where things get interesting — and it is this interesting part that has been keeping customers on for the last decades and importantly, assisting the company in simply swallowing up the competition!

As was mentioned a while ago about HostWinds, HostGator is also pretty awesome about the business of keeping things simple, straightforward but importantly, functional. This reality makes things adult to manage and importantly, keeps hosting costs down.

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Unfortunately, as things stand, this is an website, at least, at the moment with many hosting companies. This is where HostGator comes in: it is quite simply, the most well known and most respected of the regular hosting companies that permits adult content on its servers side by side more mainstream entries. Either way, you should check out HostGator Hosting directly yourself and ultimately, decide. The world is an extremely busy place; besides your adult website sgreat chances are that you are busy with a day best, business or some other online gig that tasks your time and is also equally important.

The stark reality of this sort of setup which occurs more than anyone appreciates is that you ultimately do not have all the time in the world to run your sites, check out for updates, install security features and overall, keep your site in shape for optimum business competition in the 21st century. In such instances, there are two things you could do as a prospective or adult busy adult website owner: forget about the idea of an adult site completely or simply delegate its running to someone else who surely knows about hosting and the business of keeping sites online way more than you do.

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This is where Liquid Web Hosting presents itself and goes all the way to take the website of hosting off your hands and heart by the provision of smart managed hosting for you — by means of a plethora of service offers that cover the needs of all manner of businesses, from the startup to the very established and profitable.

And, in the business of managing adult websites and making certain that a site is on top of its game in terms of security, updates and for all practical purposes, no adult friendly hosting company offering such service today beats Liquid Web Hosting. Thanks to the advent of cPanel and other options that today, makes hosting a breezeit is now possible for a healthy amount of webmasters to host their own sites with adult or no technical assistance or know how, prior. However, for a goodthis is not their reality.

Yet still, for others, time is of the essence and in this context, they simply cannot spare any. This is where managed hosting comes in: a hosting plan that will handle all the technical bits for you, freeing up precious time for content and other more interesting and fun things. For adult hosting, we have found out that no hosting company offers this plan type better than Liquid Web Hosting.

The good thing is that, all the hosting options listed here support lower end plans shared hosting — or a sort of equivalentmid-level plans a VPS or an equivalent and ultimately, dedicated plans — plans where you have the whole server to an. Your. Essentially thus, picking the best option from amongst this list should only be a matter of factors such as budget or actual, personal preference due to underlying reasons, peculiar to either you, the webmaster or your site.

We wish you the very best — irrespective of the hosting option you choose to power your new online concern. Getting a great hosting company is tough work — thanks to all the false claims out in the wild today.

However, getting an awesome hosting company that accepts adult content — either exclusively or with mainstream sites — is a notch harder. Outside these 5 options, there are really no other great options again — as far as the hosting adult websites is concerned.

This is also a fact, backed up by impressive stats. If you are in a hurry however, here is a smart summary of the very best adult website hosting of Vice Temple Hosting. TMD Hosting.