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Dating sites for pet lovers, For dating pet that sites bbbw

The app even suggests local dog-friendly locations for the perfect first date.

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Enter dog dating apps—tailored for dog lovers who are seeking that special someone or someones—since the dog is part of the package, after all. It can be tough to meet a dog person serendipitously, which is why we really love the internet and its abundance of dating sites for dog lovers.

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Y ou walk in the door after a hard day at work, and there are a set of eyes peering at you in the window. You unlock the door, and that set of eyes is surrounded by fur. Attached to the fur are a set of paws that usually treat your body like a yoga mat to stretch on and wait to be petted.

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Dogs are wonderful for our egos and instant heart warmers. It was only a matter of time before online dating sites started gaining in popularity for pet lovers — especially considering how much made dog adoption and pet fostering skyrocket.

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Mobile apps like FetchaDate are what these singles have been waiting for. Check out my interview with the founder of the pet-dating site below. Shamontiel L. Vaughn: I have recently completed 62 reviews and blogs about online dating sites. I decided to delve into dating sites for pet lovers and was surprised at how few there were. Dig Dates or Wowzer were the only active ones.

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Doggy Date and Dog Date Afternoon websites shut down, and TinDog is just for matching potential pet owners up with a new dog. Why do you believe there are so few dating sites for pet lovers? Beyond the big dating sites, many developers look to find an opening for a small piece of the billion-dollar industry in the latest trend or super niche as a way to capture attention.

I created FetchaDate because of my passion for dogs and other pets. A lot goes into the making of an app so that may be part of the reason why there are few in this genre. My intentions and hope are to connect pet-loving people because people are happier and healthier when they share their lives with a pet.

New 'dig' dating app helps dog lovers connect and find pup-approved love

SLV: How do you plan to make yours last longer than the others? SM: I plan to make FetchaDate last forever!

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Pet lovers are more loyal, sexy, fun, easygoing and good people. And good people need an easier, more honest way to meet. This is not a hookup app, but one for a true connection. My team and I work hard on delivering a quality app and one that will only get better. This is just the start, and I have plans for the next datings.

People are lying about lover they own pets. SM: That man is right and why FetchaDate is pet important, especially to women. They pick a virtual pet that represents their personality. Since the pet makes user introductions, everyone needs a WingPet. There are several to choose from: bird, horse, snake, pig, cat. I believe given the opportunity to experience a pet, even if it starts out as a virtual one, people convert to being a pet lover of some sort. They name their virtual pet, give it site traits — which helps them feel connected to it. Even people with real pets can include a virtual pet in their profile to reveal other aspects of who they are.

SLV: I know your site is catered to dogs, but why do you think that men get such a tough response to being cat lovers? SM: Simply perception and stereotypical views. And, those take time to change. Viewing men as less masculine who have cats is biased and sexist. So actually, you give me a great idea that some of for marketing needs a macho guy holding a cat! FetchaDate users first choose whether their real pet is a cat or dog, and we offer more than breeds in the dropdown list.

At FetchaDate, we applaud all who are animal lovers. As in, how long have they been married, are they divorced, etc.? Do you believe that a pet owner should only date other pet owners who have had pets before?


SM: Not at all. That sounds great in theory, but with pets, they have a way of warming up even the coldest of hearts. Some cultures and family heritage may not have had pets, nor allowed them in the house — yet their offspring goes off and has five pets! The pet can do their magic on winning that person over — or not. The reality is not everyone will be a match. Only one person having the pet can make the dynamic easier.

What should they do? SM: That has happened.

The 5 best dating sites for dog lovers

I have a chapter in my book with a story on that very thing. A lady realized the guy was coming over to see her dog, and not so much her.

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Disclaimer: Matthys is a client of mine on Upwork. This post, however, is neither advertorial nor a paid asment. This interview was written solely for the Doggone World of pet lovers. Download the app here. Shamontiel is a dog lover to her core: completed walks with 80 dogs, eight dog-housesittings and six dog boardings at the time of this publication.

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Mobile app helps pet-loving singles find love. When your dog is all you need to get dates online. Vaughn Follow. Doggone World For dog lovers, dog walkers and dog owners. Doggone World Follow. Written by Shamontiel L. More From Medium.

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