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Female led relationship forums, I led relationship forum that wants playmates

Ok I was not sure where to put this as it is also a mild fetish. I could not think of what to put as my first post since my wife told me to here so I decided I would like to post an explanation of our long relationship so that it could help any others who feel this way and wish to try it, and also a tribute to my goddess who has made my life so rich. So here goes:.

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Post by braddogg » Mon May 02, pm.

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Post by Shepherdsflock » Mon May 02, pm. Post by slave d » Mon May 02, pm.

Post by locked4her55 » Tue May 03, am. Post by sherulestherooster » Tue May 03, am. Post by Caged55 » Tue May 03, pm. Who here is in a Female Led Relationship? Living the real life under lock and key. Forum rules. Post Reply. Quote Post by braddogg » Mon May 02, pm I know that most of us here are locked up and our KHs control us sexually, but how many people here are in true Female Led Relationships?

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I was just curious as to what exactly constitutes a FLR? I hope to someday have my relationship be a full blown FLR. I just dont know exactly how to go about it. It would be greatly appreciated if some of you salty dogs can share your FLR experiences. Re: Who here is in a Female Led Relationship? My wife loves keeping me in chastity, but she still prefersme to lead the family, and still wants me to be the initiator and aggressor in our sexual relationship.

She just doesn't want me using My penis. I have a feeling that many couples are similar in that chastity pretty much stays in the bedroom. The husband might be more active in doing housework, but most women want their men to be manly and most men want their women to be feminine. The fun of the power exchange in bed seems to be where it stops for most couples. Quote Post by slave d » Mon May 02, pm MsM has begun to push this line further after 2 years of chastity.

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Perhaps the golden rule analogy works as in "they who have the gold make the rules" being changed to "She who has the keys makes the rules"!! That said we've been married over 40 years and our relationship is probably less volatile than some!!

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There is no one style or type, each couple or should I say each wife incorporates what she wants into hers. My wife is the leader, boss, CEO, head of household, etc. So in most ways the only public show is my deferring to her decisions and checking with her. The same as I would with a leader, boss, etc. We discuss most things, she values my skills and knowledge and seeks my input. She makes the decisions, sets the agenda so to speak.

Just need to know what you would like to know. I am still doing the "manly" things around the house but there are now expectations with consequences if not followed.

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She was never into punishment before but now sees the benefits of a good paddling. I hand made her a paddle last month and to my surprise she said "I'll give it a try". Well she didn't hold back as I took three good swats on the ass.

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Here's an example of our FLR. I'm semi-retired and she still works full time. I am now expected to get out of bed in the morning and prepare her breakfast and pack her lunch for work.

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Well last week I neglected to place a fork and spoon in her lunch bag. I got a text around noontime informing me of my mistake and that she would be taking corrective action when she got home. I greeted her at the door as required and was directed to get upstairs where the paddle came out.

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She took a 12 sided die that we use from an old game and I was told to roll it. A six came up and I was given six good swats.

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As she put the paddle away she said "I'm betting Honey, I will have silverware tomorrow". There are many more aspects to this which we are both exploring and becoming accustom too as we move forward. In front of family and friends, nothing has changed since we married 25 years ago but now when forgetting something or going against the rules I will get the look which means I'm in trouble.

Contact sherulestherooster. Quote Post by sherulestherooster » Tue May 03, am Shepherdsflock wrote: I have a feeling that many couples are similar in that chastity pretty much stays in the bedroom. Quote Post by Caged55 » Tue May 03, pm slave d wrote: MsM has begun to push this line further after 2 years of chastity.