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Perched high on a hill above the town of Chattanooga, Tennessee, this mystery mansion has seen its fair share of scandal. The brainchild of entertainment tycoon Billy Hull, the opulent home was finally completed in Three decades later, photographer Leland Kent from Abandoned Southeast captured striking images of the mansion in all its derelict glory.

So, what caused Hull to desert his dream home just a year after it was built?

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In the living room, the shabby red carpet is littered with broken glass, old magazines and discarded mementos. The grand marble-topped bar still remains but it's now scratched and strewn with rubbish. The crowning glory of the unusual tipi-shaped space is a spectacular skylight inset into the roof, illuminating the creepy abandoned mansion below.

Eerie entrance

Once upon a time, the striking architectural feature would've framed the buzzing parties thrown here, casting light across the water of the swimming pool as guests milled around. Painted pastel pink with mirrored cabinets and gilded beams, the master bedroom has an Art Deco vibe, but despite the glitz and glamour, the space hides a sinister secret. In Mayjust a year after the house was finally finished, a man named Roland Hargis was shot and killed as he left the Tradewinds Night Club in Chattanooga. With all the evidence pointing squarely to his involvement, Billy Hull was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

This was the first in a string of allegations, leading to his eventual bankruptcy in the s after a conviction for tax evasion. With no-one left to run the vast mansion, the now-infamous party house fell into disrepair. This faded leopard-print chair is one of the few pieces of furniture that remained in With the once-extravagant party mansion reduced to no more than a pile of rubble, the property's dark secrets have been buried with it.

Little is known of what happened next to Billy and Gloria Hull, and while their former dream dwelling no longer stands, this is one haunting home that Chattanooga locals aren't likely to forget about in a hurry. Love this? Like and follow us on Facebook for a look inside moe abandoned mansions.

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Do you want to comment on this article? You need to be ed in for this feature. News Homes Interiors Investing Features. Explore this decadent abandoned mansion with a very dark secret Gallery View.

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Expand View. Unravel the mystery behind this deserted dream home Abandoned Southeast. Eerie entrance Abandoned Southeast. Pictured inthe forlorn Polynesian-inspired property gives no hints as to its former grandeur.

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The two large tikis that flank the entrance have been disfigured over the years by uninvited visitors, while the once-regal glass-panelled doors have been smashed and the entrance blocked by sheets of discarded chipboard. An extravagant vision Abandoned Southeast. He contracted architect Ed Ball to de the home, which took 14 months to build, and Billy celebrated its completion with an extravagant house party.

Time-ravaged interior Abandoned Southeast. Faded grandeur Abandoned Southeast.

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When the mansion was first built, this living space would have been impressive, with marble-clad walls framing grand floor-to-ceiling arched mirrors. Letters from the past Abandoned Southeast. Discovered in one of the abandoned rooms, this affectionate note offers a glimpse into the lives of two of the partygoers. Despite the rumours that swirled about the nature of these gatherings, barely any photos exist of the mansion in its heyday. Opulent party house Abandoned Southeast. Hull deed the house for entertaining — the building had several large bars, including this one with its gorgeous veined marble counter and crystal glass taps.

Playboy pool Abandoned Southeast. The focal point of the ostentatious property is a huge, byfoot pool with undulating sides and tiered steps. Electrically heated, the pool is 12 feet deep at one end and features separate humidity controls, a faux rock waterfall and even a diving board. It rose to national prominence after being featured in a issue of an electrical trade publication.

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Tiki-style decor Abandoned Southeast. The hub of the home, the large pool space is the first thing visitors would have seen on entering the good. A vast, double-height guy with a wood-panelled, domed roof; it has a large, open-plan bar and a lounge area with a fireplace. The walls were originally clad in tiki-style palm mats, punctuated by taxidermy animal he, with palm chattanooga lining the poolside. Architectural masterpiece Abandoned Southeast.

Vandalised and forgotten Abandoned Southeast. The sunken pool had become a gaping hole in the centre of the home, filled with all manner of mangled furniture and debris. Scrawled tags and insults debauch the once gleaming white tiles and the space has been ransacked; stripped of its gilding and reduced to a hollow shell.

Iconic emblem Abandoned Southeast. Only the iconic Playboy Bunny has stood the strip of the time, an indelible mark on the property. The club itself was also deed in the shape of a rabbit, with the two tunnels at the shallow end forming ears. This unusual feature attracted plenty of press attention in the s and was one of the main draws for young hopefuls dreaming of an invite to a Billy Hull party.

A room with a view Abandoned Southeast. The master bedroom, once shared by Billy Hull and his wife, Gloria, is separated from the main room by a sheet of tinted glass. From this angle, you can see one of the two swimming tunnels with its rounded bridge. All of the bedrooms featured closed-circuit TV monitors with feeds from the pool room, presumably so Hull could keep an eye on what was going on at any given time. Extravagant master suite Abandoned Southeast. A '70s scandal Abandoned Southeast.

Deserted terraces Abandoned Southeast. Outside on the deck, a copper-roofed bar, complete with bamboo frame and palm mat-lined walls, stands vacant. The patio functioned as an additional entertainment area, welcoming the numerous revellers who spilled out from the pool room and lounge. The outdoor space also included a wooden sauna and a person jacuzzi sunk into the decking.

Fall from grace Abandoned Southeast.

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A discerning eye Abandoned Southeast. On the door of the sauna, this carved metal head would've leered down at partygoers back in the property's heyday. Abandoned sauna Abandoned Southeast. Now derelict, the old sauna would've been an indulgent space for Hull and his guests to relax and unwind. Following Hull's incarcerations, the property was listed for sale a of years ago, before being seized by the city due to unpaid taxes.

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Damaged extensively by vandals, it was deemed beyond repair and completely demolished injust 45 years after it was originally built. Reduced to rubble Abandoned Southeast. Share the love. Terms of use Privacy policy Disclaimer.