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A beautiful and historic city on the Mississippi River, St.

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We only take reservations on Mondays, but give us a ring at Vintage photo of the building after its conversion to a house.

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The building that houses Waldmann was constructed in the fall of — six months before Minnesota became a state, nearly four years before the American Civil War began, and at a time when less than 10, people lived in Saint Paul. It is the oldest surviving commercial building in Saint Paul.

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Its rich history and distinctive limestone construction merited deation as an official Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Site in German lager beer took America by storm in the s. First introduced here inlager beer became immediately popular with Americans — and frontier Minnesotans — who had never seen any thing like it before.

German lager saloons were very special places. Unlike Yankee whisky bars, lager saloons served beer almost exclusively, and frequently offered hearty foods, music, family entertainment, and sometimes even political debates.

Women and children were always welcome. Waldmann stays true to these traditions today. Re-opened in for the first time in years, our building still offers wood stoves, virgin pinewood floors, hand-blown window glass, a large collection of 19th century steamboat chairs, whale oil lamps burning paraffinand many period maps, photographs and other memorabilia. Anton was trained as a shoemaker in Klienostheim—which suggests he had no expectation of inheriting land from his father, who was likely a tenant farmer.

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Perhaps for this reason, in May ofAnton emigrated to the United States. While their path to the Upper Midwest is unclear, the couple arrived in St. Paul before the fall ofby which time Anton was already profitably engaged selling fuel wood to steamboats from a warehouse on the Upper Levee.

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The steamboat trade was approaching an all-time high, with steamboats landing in St. Paul that year, and landings in —both record years that would end with the financial Panic of Original stencil for an Anton Waldmann keg found on premises. Paul for a liquor to run his lager beer saloon.

It was a time when Temperance proponents had gained influence over the Council and other key offices, ultimately pressuring the City Marshall and his deputies to clamp down on the dozens of und saloons operating throughout the City. Waldmann himself seems to have been caught in the crackdown, since records indicate he was required to pay for a extending back six months—suggesting that he had opened his saloon sometime in October of without a.

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Waldmann dutifully renewed his in April of The following year, the Minnesota Legislature passed a law prohibiting cities and counties from imposing licensing fees or taxes on the manufacture or sale of lager beer in Minnesota. But by the mids Waldmann also must have sensed greater opportunities from passive rental income.

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Gradually he began developing the unused portions of his property immediately to the south of his old saloon building. Two years later, he built a smaller house in between, adding still another unit to the south by that created a side-by-side duplex Smith, razed. In all, this gave Waldmann four rentable units byand enough passive income to support himself and Mina without engaging in any other business.

Tellingly, the city directories list no occupation for him after In Aprilin the midst of a nationwide depression following the recent crash of the New York Stock Exchange, the Waldmanns sold the last of their real estate to Thomas Manning, a Canadian real estate investor who owned numerous rental properties throughout the City.

Anton and Mina then boarded a steamship to Germany.

Anton died in June in Edenkoben, Rhineland-Palatinate, at the age of Mina died thirteen years later November in the same village. They never had children, and left no known relatives in the United States.

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Yet the couple left one thing: a humble yet extraordinarily sturdy limestone saloon building, which served as their home, their livelihood and ultimately perhaps as their greatest claim on history. The building subsequently experienced six decades of renters and other absentee owner-landlords as a remodeled house, and its prior history as a saloon was long forgotten. John and Margaret Rafter rented the house from approximately toraising five children there.

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John was an Irish stone worker and later St. Paul policeman based at the Rondo Avenue station. Wellie Vierow, a German widow, occupied the house with her three adult children from through the s. At the time of the federal census, John and Margaret Miller occupied the house with their divorced son and five-year-old grandson.

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The house was finally purchased by John and Francis Dreyling in Dreyling was a carpenter and the couple raised three boys in the house, one of whom was tragically killed in a hunting accident. After John Dreyling died inFrancis remained in the house until when it was purchased for restoration by Tom and Ann Schroeder.

At the same time, the City Council adopted a new Historic Use Variance HUV process that permitted the building to be used for its original purpose—as a German lager beer saloon—notwithstanding its residential zoning.

In all, between the historic deation and the HUV process, 11 hearings were held before the Zoning, Planning and Heritage Preservation Commissions as well as two public hearings before the City Council, yielding final approval in March Established inreestablished inWaldmann is once again open for business.

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The physical restoration incorporated the use of natural cement chemically matched to the original masonry mortar, period hand-blown glass, preservation of most of the interior trimwork and even the reuse of original square-cut nails salvaged from the site.

Parking, right this way. Free street parking is available anywhere along West 7th Street, or immediately in front of i.

Waldmann also has a six stall parking lot down the alley to the west, near the corner of Douglas Street and West 7th Street. Ample bike racks are available in our parking lot, and in the green space immediately south of our building. Anton Waldmann.

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