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Expect world class service and accommodations from the moment you arrive to the time you leave Platinum Plus. We offer a large well-lit parking lot for your convenience. Upon entry, say hello to our beautiful receptionist. She will gladly answer any questions, make any necessary changes, or even get you a gift certificate should you need some cash through your credit card.

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Another recent review for my local club. I did not stay long as I was only interested in one or two dancers. There are two dancers who are under legal drinking age that are very hot and I have really enjoyed getting dances from them.

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Other than that, still a solid club. Plenty of room to walk around, plenty of open chairs not that it was dead, it is never dead on the weekends. Good rotation on the stage. Bar is adequate, with drink prices only slightly above what you would find in regular bar.

One thing that I have noticed that is new is that the bouncers are the entrance to private dance room now walk back and forth along the aisles of the private dance room, like a hall monitor or something. I don't know if it's just me, as I was getting a little handsy with one of the dancers, but I was told "watch your hands bro" as one of the bouncers walked past me.

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Never been told to watch my hands in this club. Although maybe the girl complained because I was getting really handsy with her the last time I went, lol. Overall, I would say there are 6 to 8 girls at this club that turn me on I like them young, thin and beautiful. Not bad, considering there are probably 30 dancers or so in total. This is about my 5th visit to Platinum's. It's really the only place in the area, but still great. There are a of good restaurants around as well if you need a bite before or after.

PJs is always a good spot for some beers a bite and some local eye candy. Now to the juicy details I've been here a of times, and has a few early days of the week where the talent was rough at best. Always carry a hotel key, even an old one, and present it at the front when entering as you get your cover charge waived.

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Just tell them you are staying at the courtyard or spring hill down the street. Also, no 1s here, they only give two dollar bills. If you get cash via CC, platinum is a 20 percent charge and you have to go through a weird finger print process which is unique for me. But last time, I'd give it a seven or eight for talent.

I believe it was amateur night, but the girls gentlemens went up weren't amateurs. I've had girls come up asking for forty for a dance, and give them the cold shoulder until you get two for twenty. This is also full nude, smoking allowed, full bar, and touch pretty much as you want. Champagne room rates vary based on th girls, and based on plus you negotiate club wise. One other thing I noticed is a good chunk of the girls doing dances won't dance on stage, so just keep Stopped by on a Saturday night after 9 PM.

Bought a drink from a super attractive girl at the mini bar before entering the main area didn't know there were two larger bars inside. The stage and seating area are really great. Wide open, huge stage, and there were tables to sit at.

You could go sit at the stage, but got a pretty good view from the seats. I liked that the girls weren't pushy here. If you wanted to go up to the stage and tip you could, but you weren't obligated, and the girls didn't bother too much. When they did come over, they asked if you wanted a private dance, which was good since they weren't bleeding you dry for quick dances just because you were sitting there.

Stayed for about two hours, long enough to see most of the girls go to the primary and backup stages. There were no 10's here tonight, but I also only saw two sixes. Every other girl was consistently a with a few nines. It's kind of weird, but he does a good job. I did a private dance with a tan girl with fantastic tits can't remember name which was decent. She wasn't too talkative or overly friendly but I enjoyed it.

I also did a private dance with a skinny girl who claimed she was an ant but enjoyed dancing on the side just for fun, which I didn't believe for a second. Overall had a great time at this club.

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The private dance I was coming into the Allentown Airport and decided to stop in for some eye candy. There is always a cover and they scan you ID. At least it is not club bucks like some places. There were several nice looking girls on the floor and circulating. A blonde looker with the knockout body came to me immediately after I sat down and started the full court press for VIP and how we could have lots of fun inferring a full menu.

I knew that this place offered no such thing and offered only limited 2 way touching.

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I got my water and enjoyed the show. I eventually took a spinner Milf back for a dance and saw the looker back there with a sucker. She was giving the guy an air dance and took nothing off. I left after a while. If you want anything else go elsewhere! I was in town on business and decided to stop in.

I had a few discount passes left from my ATF so it only cost me 3 bucks to get in. Good thing too,because that is all that this night was worth.

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First we will start with the entertainers. Not sure what was up but this night did not have the caliper of talent that is usually here. I generally do not rate dancers on a numerical bases,but tonight it was difficult to get over a six. Just too many girls who think by throwing their big fake tits in your face you are going to jump all over them. Wrong,as I decided several offers to"have fun in the back".

Speaking of fun in the back,I don't think that is happening anymore at this club. From talking to several dancers and patrons this have been shut down by management. They are under review from PA LCB awaiting the judges decision on their penalty for pimping out their hoes. Next we move on to the new addition to the PP family. Enter uncle Willy,the new robo wannabe security officer. Oh no that's wrong. According to the badge that was bought at the local dollar store,he is "special agent" Willy.

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Not sure but they may have gotten rid of the actual police officers that you Allentown tax payers were supplementing. How do we know Willy is not a real cop,because he flows freely in and out of the club as he likes. Oh boy he even has a laptop mounted on the dash of his bought at auction cop car.

He is also there to deter the dancers fro Scarlet's Grand International. Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Pennsylvania Allentown Platinum Plus. Platinum Plus 10 reviews Add review.

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