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Sexy and funny forums, I am and chica that sexy fitness

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Has both sexy and humor content combined. The forum is part of the Sexy and Funny entertainment network. The site is quite loaded with plenty of content to keep you busy.

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These sites thrived even when other porn sites were first coming out. It was easier to watch a gif of some hot bitches tits bouncing on a forum than it was to try and load an entire video on shitty, dialup internet service. Like acid wash jeans. Most chicks look fugly in them now, but then you spy that dimepiece wearing a pair with an ass that has its own gravitational field and maybe, just maybe you could see that style coming back.

Most of them have a trickle of followers that struggles to break thousand every month.

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These guys have been around for a solid minute. Site is Open for Registration and Has a Large, Active User Base The site has the same color scheme that basically every other forum site in the fucking world has: blue and white. It looks pretty organized and all that good shit. I just wish forum sites would include some sort of dark theme. For once, I get the honor of reviewing a forum that is actually open for registration.

Give anusername, and the other standard stuff to get started. From there you can add small details to your profile. I recommend ing up. So, unless you plan to lurk, I would up. At the top of thein comically small text, is a header with options for forum rules, home, shop, tutorials, and the best posts of the day.

The more points you have the higher your social rank on the site get and the more likely people will be to listen to whatever bullshit you have to say.

Sexy and funny forums

The shop has t-shirts if you feel like rocking the site logo and name across your chest for some reason. Gives off the wrong, creepy vibe. I felt like I was put on some sort of list for just clicking on that link. It sure got mine. Flash games. This site actually has some fucking flash games.

You can play games here and fight for the top spots on the leaderboard amongst all the other cucks on the site. In the casino, you can bet fake cash and play a variety of card games. Neat, I guess. You want to know what sort of sordid content this sexy site contains. The last two are basically support sections and updates.

No pussy to be found there. The Our Girls section is a thread for verified amateur sluts to spread their legs and flash their tits for chicks and dudes to fap to.

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This section has nearly 90 thousand posts and 2 thousand thre. Some slut posted a downblouse shot of her tits just a few days ago. Not the sexiest section, but people are posting there all the time. The general forum is where the most action is. Hence the title of the site. This is more of a general forum with a touch of porn in it, which was a bit of a bummer for me. It left me wanting for more.

I wanted to see dedicated sections for sharing clips, pics, and animations of hot porn videos.


Poor Mobile Experience As expected from an old forum site like this, the mobile site sucks. No work has been done to make it readable on mobile devices. Text is incredibly small and you have to constantly zoom in and out to read or engage with anything on the. They have a ton of frequent users. I bet having a functional mobile site would draw even more people in. It's usually a fucking ghost town.

There are amateur babes who love whoring themselves out for some much-needed attention. And these chicks are verified real. And there are some other great thre for porn gifs, link sharing, and more. You just have to know how to look for them.

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Or at least organize the NSFW content better. Have a section specifically for sharing kinky pictures, clips, games, links, and more. There has to be a better way. There is a lot of content to browse, a large and active user base, and plenty of amateur hotties to jerk your dick to. The amateur babe section is the only dedicated porn section on here. Sexy And Funny Forums Sexy EGirls Forum. Social Media Girls Forum.

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