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These expert tips for parents on how to utilize the public sex offender registry can empower you with knowledge that protects your little ones all year long. When it comes to protecting your children, there are certain measures no one wants to think about taking, but parents often find themselves exploring simply as a precaution.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Box Decatur GA To whom do they apply? Sex offenders can be male or female, adult or juvenile, young or old. They also vary in terms of their level of education, marital status, and family ties. They may offend against adults or children, males or females, or both. They may have a long criminal history or none at all. Their crimes can range from non-contact offenses e. The reasons why they commit these offenses, the kind of help they need to try to stop offending, and the risks they pose are different in every case.

Can females be sex offenders? Some believe that sex crimes committed by females are less likely to be reported for a of reasons, including fear that no one will believe a female could commit a sex crime. Not necessarily — some people who commit sex offenses have been victims of sexual abuse themselves, but many have not. Being sexually abused does not cause people to become sex offenders.

In fact, most people who have been sexually abused do not go on to sexually abuse others. Do all sex offenders go on to commit additional sex crimes? It is important to understand that sex offenders pose varying levels of risk to reoffend; in other words, while some offenders are unlikely to offend again, others are ificantly more likely to do so.

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What makes one sex offender reoffend and another not? It depends. The likelihood of a sex offender committing additional sex crimes in the future varies from person to person. Research tells us it is not typically a single issue that makes someone more likely to reoffend, but a combination of factors that might include problems in relationships, difficulty dealing with emotions such as anger, having antisocial values, hostile attitudes toward women, or being sexually attracted to behaviors that involve children.

These are just a few examples;however, because sex offenders vary in many ways, and so does their risk to commit new sex crimes or other crimes. Specialized treatment can help sex offenders to develop important skills that can help them manage their behavior over time, which can reduce their chances of sexually abusing in the future.

But whether someone will be successful depends on the person, and whether or not they are motivated to change their behaviors. While some offenders are sentenced to prison or jail, others are sentenced directly to community supervision e. For those sentenced to prison or jail, some are released with parole or probation supervisionwhile others are released from prison or jail with no supervision at all.

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The bottom line is that the overwhelming majority of sex offenders will ultimately return to our communities. While many are sentenced to prison each year, between 10, and 20, sex offenders are released to the community annually. Are there rules sex offenders must follow if they are under probation or parole supervision?

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If a sex offender is allowed to stay in the community under supervision — or is released from prison and returns to the community under supervision, restrictions and rules are always set. Some of the rules or expectations might include:. How can members of the public be involved in educating others about sexual assault and prevention? Community members can take the following steps to educate themselves and their families about sexual assault:.

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Many volunteer opportunities are. Box Decatur GA georgiaatsa gmail. Sex offenders who are under probation or parole supervision must have their home approved in order to make sure that it is appropriate for example, not near or with children. Those offenders who are not under a court order or correctional supervision, however, and who are in the community without supervision have no such restrictions unless they live in a jurisdiction that has residency restrictions.

What are residency restrictions? Some communities do not allow sex offenders to travel through their zones on foot, by bus, or car. Sex offenders who have served their time and completed their community supervision have no restrictions on with whom they can live.

Decisions about safety especially when contact with children is involved are best left for a qualified team of professionals. What is sex offender registration? In every state, law enforcement agencies must maintain certain convicted sex offenders e. In order to maintain accurate lists, or registries, sex offenders are required to report routinely to their local police agency.

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How long an offender remains on the registry varies by state e. Is it true that all sex offenders will always be required to register? State laws vary in terms of which offenders are required to register and for how long. For some sex offenders, they may be required to register for life, but for others, registration may be limited to a specific of years e.

How can I find out if someone is on the sex offender registry? The information contained in the national registry and the state registries is identical; the national registry simply enables a search across multiple states.

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What do I do if I believe a registered sex offender is violating the law? If you have concerns about a registered sex offender in your community, please do not attempt to take matters into your own hands. Contact your local law enforcement police agency.

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It is important to remember that sex crime laws vary by state and specific questions about what an offender can or cannot legally do must be answered by a qualified law enforcement officer in your state or city. How are citizens notified about sex offenders who are living in their local community? States can either provide information passively such as posting information on the state registry Web siteor actively where steps are taken to distribute certain sex offenders — such as advertising information in local newspapers, or door-to-door notification by law enforcement.

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For high risk sex offenders, police may notify the community widely or even conduct a community notification meeting. For a lower risk sex offender, information may be restricted only to those individuals or organizations that may be especially vulnerable e.

Do adolescents commit sex crimes? Each year, there are approximately 2, arrests of juveniles for forcible rape and an estimated 9, arrests of juveniles for other types of sex offenses x.

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Will juveniles who offend sexually go on to become adult sex offenders? Not necessarily. In general, juvenile sex offenders appear to have lower recidivism rates and perform better in treatment than adult sex offenders xii. Reoffending rates for youth over several years are approximately ten percent.

How common are sexually-based Internet crimes?

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It is estimated that one in seven youth between the ages of 10 and 17 will receive an unwanted sexual solicitation over the Internet. Where can I find treatment for adult or juvenile sex offenders in my area?

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The Safer Society Foundation provides free treatment referrals for juvenile and adult sex offenders. Referrals are made Monday through Friday from a. Eastern Standard Time.

How to find sex offenders in your neighborhood

You can download a referral form from their Web site or call during the hours listed above for a referral. Are there any resources available to help sex offenders get appropriate employment? Many states offer services to help employers hire, retain, and train workers. Finding employment is a challenge for all offenders, but it can be very difficult for sex offenders in particular. Being employed is important for sex offenders because not having a job is associated with reoffending.

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Sexual violence means that someone forces or manipulates someone else into unwanted sexual activity without their consent. Anyone can experience sexual violence including: children, teens, adults, and elders. Those who sexually abuse can be acquaintances, family members, trusted individuals or strangers. Who can I talk to if I or a loved one has been or is experiencing sexual assault or abuse?

If you need help or support call the National Sexual Assault Hotline 1. HOPE to be directed to the nearest sexual assault program. Your call is anonymous and confidential. The online hotline provides live, secure, anonymous crisis support for victims of sexual assault, their friends, and families. Both resources are free of charge and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.